A life without art
was never an option...

Born in 1972, Shannon Potratz was inspired by his father, himself an exceptional charcoal pencil artist, to pursue a career in the creative industry. Constantly encouraged to “do what you love,” there was never a question as to what he wanted to be. Then, in 1977, something happened that cemented his desire to be creative; a little film by a young upstart named George Lucas was unleashed on the world. Star Wars fueled his imagination and he made it his business to find out who all those creative people were that brought that film to life.

His heroes were artists like Ralph McQuarrie, Joe Johnston and Phil Tippet. He sought out everything they did and the artists who inspired them. They taught him to bring all of his life experience and personality to each creative effort. Never stop dreaming, strive to be better, and always look forward. After 20 years as a professional illustrator, he would consider it his greatest accomplishment to inspire young artists today to bring their own imaginations to life.



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